Dermal Fillers

Will this hurt?  


We make your lip, cheek, and other augmentation using fillers as comfortable as possible.  We have multiple options for numbing the area prior to beginning and send all of our clients home with a soothing ice pack.  Typically clients report mild discomfort during and immediately following injections but have no complaints at the completion of the injections.  



Are dermal fillers safe? 


Yes!  Dermal fillers are simply hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring fluid in your body.  The injectors at Formation Esthetics are certified to inject dermal fillers which means they know how to inject them safely and carefully to produce the results you want.  



How long will my dermal fillers last?  


Dermal fillers last 6-9 months and often require less product upon subsequent injection appointments due to a cumulative effect (area dependent).


How much botox will I need to purchase?


Everyone is different and everyone has different goals for their treatment results.  Typically our clients receive 20-40 units depending on their faces and goals.



Will I see results right away?  What if I don't love it?


Botox takes 3-7 days to make an effect we can see.  After 7 days, if there's an area of concern, just let us know- we can make it right!



I want to have a party but I've never done this- help!

Parties at Formation require at least 5 people to purchase botox on the date of the event or prior.  You can leave the planning to us, or you can host it as you would another type of sales party.  Talk with us directly for more information!


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